Brand Story

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

The story is quite ordinary and small. It all began at a business school where the idea of building a brand came to mind. The goal was to have the best product and workplace, among other things. Now, I must find a product through which I can communicate the brand value to everyone. The apparel industry was not initially considered, but it happened to be the chosen industry. The interesting thing is that the apparel industry can reach a large community. I started dreaming of togetherness, values, being the most trusted brand, and having the happiest workplace.

I have heard many people asking for ideas to invest money. This story is different because I only had an idea but no money. I conducted extensive research and traveled to a city called Tirupur in the state of Tamil Nadu, India to find the best manufacturer. After much discussion and explanation of our requirements, such as the desired material, design, and quality, we found a suitable manufacturer.

"We believe that the quality of a product is determined by the quality of its components and the way it is made. We must search for the best components from anywhere in the world, carefully select them, passionately design the product, manufacture it with care, and deliver with love will make the difference…”

They manufactured 18 T-shirts as requested (with a little money). The mere thought of creating a brand has now become a reality in my hands. I spent hours looking at the T-shirts, just like one would gaze at a loved one, and realized once again that hard work toward a vision can make it happen.

I gave these T-shirts to my friends, and more than a year has passed since then. They all praised the quality, which gave me confidence. I decided to name this brand "Kivofa" (although it took a long time to come up with the name). I then connected with fashion designers who could take care of the design, material, process, and quality.

Finally, the brand got registered. We started humbly, without much money to invest, and initially offered only 16 colors. However, I have confidence that if someone buys our product, they will say, "It's really good." We are working hard to bring you the best.

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