About Us


Braidfashions LLP started in Bangalore, Karnataka- India with an ambition to become one of the most trusted apparel brands in India. We love to communicate our value through our brands. Kivofa is one of our brands. We believe that every customer is our family member, and our family will be the largest in India.


Our vision is to be one of the most trusted apparel brands in India and every customer of us should feel inner happiness for owning this brand


To try passionately to find the best materials from any part of the world to manufacture the best apparel for our customers

 Kivofa as a brand

In an ideal situation, in our way of understanding, when we name a brand, we relate that to its quality, price, and other perceptions towards it, and so on. Branded items do not always the best in quality, design, durability, and whatever comes in that bracket. The brand name is related to a name of a person, when we remember a person’s name, we identify his or her quality of behavior, how good is the person to deal with, and many things that are projected on the visualizing screen of our mind which we earlier processed and stored. When we say we like something, means that we get happiness when we deal with that. Same as when we say we love someone, we get happiness in their presence. That may be because of their behavior, quality of character, or maybe their smile. When we connect this thought to a brand if we would want to use that again, or if we will feel happy when dealing with it or when we own it, good brands met their purpose. When developing the brand KIVOFA, we were very particular about what we wanted our customers to say or the image that they get in their minds when they associate KIVOFA as a brand. We love to hear that KIVOFA is one of the best brands. We selected materials like Supima® as cotton which are considered the finest for manufacturing. We care about the design. We wanted to develop the best customer support system. We want all elements connecting to developing the brand image of KIVOFA to be the best.